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What is an imom?

Hi! I’m Bailey!

I eat Nutella straight out of the jar. I have a special voice I use for my dog. I watch way too much Netflix. And, I take an outrageous number of pictures!

My favorite thing to photograph happens to be my fiance, the #internationmanofmystery, or imom for short.

When we met a few years ago he made it VERY clear he did not want an online presence. I thought, “oh cool, he’s so retro. No Facebook. No Instagram. I can get down with that.”

But what he meant was: “no name. no locations. NO PICTURES.”

Ummmm…excuse me? Do you know what I do for a living? I take photographs. I must photograph that face! I want to spark jealousy in the lives of girls all across the world by showing them that handsome, drool worthy jawline, those twinkling eyes, uggghhh, those lips! They need to see what I stare at all day!

Nope. “Absolutely not gonna happen.”

Geez, who invited this guy?

After much consideration (and a considerable amount of pouting and pleading) I was allowed to play a silly little game. I started posting pics of him without actually showing his face. Win/Win! (Except that envy I wanted to evoke) 😉

A few years later and the #internationalmanofmystery has grown into a full-fledged obsession. Friends are doing it. Family is doing it. Everyone asks when they can see his face, and all the while I’m pushing the reveal date back like… uhhhh, you wanna come to this party and meet him?… You want to meet for drinks? Oh…you wanna come to our wedding?

I shoot the mystery man, well, because he won’t let me show his face on the internet. But it’s more than that. With our society’s obsession with the immediacy of now it’s easy to become accustomed to seeing everything, knowing everything, wanting it all to be available. What happened to the mystery of life? What wonder could we learn if we took one detail away? That’s how I developed the idea of #projectimom. I want to share my love of this man with everyone, but I want you to get the chance to see who he is without seeing who he is. Does it matter that you can’t see his face? Do you feel like you know who he is without ever seeing exactly what he looks like? I want you to feel connected with imom because of who he is, what he loves and who he is becoming. It’s an incredible journey and one I hope you’ll continue on with me!

I encourage everyone to keep a little something to yourself during these days of online over saturation. It teaches you more than you might imagine.

A little mystery is such a wonderful thing 🙂

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